The USA has had a strange relationship with gambling for quite some time. While Las Vegas and various dog tracks have been safe havens for gamblers for over a hundred years in some locations, the country as a whole takes a much harder line on gambling traditionally.

However, this is something that has begun to change in recent times. With softer gambling legislation, more online casinos have started to allow American players. In terms of the gambling industry this has allowed for two significant changes to take place.

Offshore casinos are disappearing

Before US states started to allow gambling there were a few alternatives for American players who still wanted to indulge in the online casino experience. In order to do this they had to play at casinos that were less than trustworthy.

Obviously this threw up a large number of issues for players, often involving payouts when a big win was earned. Because the players were technically breaking the law by playing at these offshore online casinos, they had no legal recourse when the casino refused to pay out.

This soon changed as US states relaxed their laws in relation to gambling and online casinos that were legally allowed to accept US players started to appear.

Because the offshore casinos no longer had any attraction to customers they found that their revenue stream dried up and slowly they started to disappear.

American players no longer felt the need to use potentially untrustworthy online casinos and could get on with playing at casinos that operated fully within the law.


Legitimate online casinos are accepting American players

The change in laws hasn’t just sent offshore casinos away though. It opened up the market to a huge range of the best and safest online casinos around. With such a wide range of casinos around, it can be difficult to choose the right one to play at.

It’s not just a case of finding a safe casino, there are a number of variables that go into place such as the experience in game play, the level of customer support and number of promotions offered to customers.

Review sites such as top10-casinosites makes this an easy task by listing the various brands based on quality service so that players can find the right casino to play at.

The game choice at legitimate online casinos is also an important factor to take into account. Not only will the range of games that are available be important, but also the type of games that are available.

Having a huge amount of table games on offer is no good to a player that prefers video slots and as such knowing what type of games that are available should inform your choice of where to play.

The promotions that are offered are also an important factor. If the promotions that are on offer have huge wagering requirements then that may make them less desirable than a casino that has a small wagering requirement.

There are even casinos out there that offer no wagering requirements on bonuses. All of this should be taken into account when finding the right casino to play at.