The fun of casino online has grasped millions of people worldwide. If you’re still hesitant about whether to try it out - we’re here to help you get started. To be more precise, our article is for those, who are just looking to start and want to get the most benefit from playing.

So, we will focus on bonuses and how new players can get the best bonuses from casino online sites like So, let’s get started, and let’s look into the world of new player bonuses in online casinos!

Casino online - different kinds of bonuses

Remember that probably 9 out of 10 online casinos will offer at least some, if not many different bonuses. Your objective, as a new player, is to see whichever bonuses are available.

Usually, such information will be disclosed on the homepage of the casino or in the landing page, dedicated to the promotional offer of the bonus.

Some information isn’t presented in the advertisement slip or the homepage, so don’t be hesitant to look around the website to find important details about the bonus itself.

You’ll likely need to sign up via a special link or use a code during the sign-up process in order to activate the bonus.

Compare various offers against one another

Every casino online will have different types of deals available to you. Even though they might seem similar on the surface, deep down below - they’re not. Wagering limits, bonus types (e.g. sticky or non-sticky), as well as many other features, impact the efficiency as well as the suitability of the bonus, for you.

What you want from a bonus:

  • Lowest possible wagering limit - as wagering limit impacts and increases the amount of playing you have to do, it’s best when the multiplier is lower.
  • In the choice of sticky or non-sticky bonuses, always go for the latter
  • If there is a cash or spin bonus, make sure you know the restrictions for playing (not just the wagering limit, but whether the bets are restricted, game limitations, etc.)

What’s your favorite - slots, live games, tables, others?

The best bonus is greatly impacted by your choice of games. A large online casino may be simultaneously running promos for slots, table games, live games, and other betting activities.

Look out for bonuses, specifically tailored to your playing preferences. Some bonus offers and promos will be giving you straight-up cash while others might give you tokens for playing specific games. If you’re an avid Blackjack or slots player, look for bonuses that grant you free cash at table games or free spins, respectively.

Apply this method when looking for the most optimum bonus choice.

Make sure you play the games that you know

If you wish to have a chance of withdrawing any profit from a cash bonus after you’ve managed to cover the wagering limit, you need to be aware of the rules of the games themselves. Slots are very different but their rules are pretty self-explanatory.