A number of American states are experiencing a boom in their online gambling industries. At first, there was Pennsylvania. And now, it’s New Jersey. Reports state that New Jersey has just achieved another milestone as its online casinos’ revenue went past the $200 million mark.

This figure even broke the previous annual revenue even if there were still two months remaining. Analysts state that this isn’t the end of the series of fortunate events the city is experiencing. Studies claim that this improvement will continue as it has just begun.

Steve Ruddock, a professional gambling analyst, states that the recent milestone achieved by New Jersey is proof that online gambling is becoming a more popular substitute to land-based casinos.

To prove this, it's also reported that regulated online casinos in the city have generated more than $20 million. And that's only for the month of October. This is already happening for the eighth straight month, a proof that more and more people prefer online casinos.

But it isn’t just about the online “casinos”. Sports betting sites also have a big say in the ongoing improvement of online gambling in the city.

As of October 31, licensed online casinos in New Jersey have already earned a whopping $204.2 million in gross revenue. Take note that October last year’s revenue was $196.7 million. It was even considered to be too good to be true by most people.

Since the city regulated online gambling in 2013, through the Division of Gaming Enforcement, the total amount of revenue now reaches a staggering $682.6 million. And 30% of that comes from this year alone. The year hasn’t even ended yet!

The culprit? Well, it’s because of the growing popularity of bets that doesn’t require any deposits. For instance, you could grab a no deposit required free bets from this updated list by Freebets.co.uk.

And now that New Jersey is becoming an example of how the online gambling industry can become, other American states like Pennsylvania have also realized that it'll be a niche worth reckoning. That's just what it did as it joined three other states including Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada to reach an agreement where player pools are going to be shared with them.

What's Up with New Jersey Casinos?

  1. Caesars

Caesars might be at the last place of the revenue game compared to other New Jersey casinos. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not doing well. In fact, it surpassed the expected $4 million revenue it had last month.

And this happened even if it hasn’t hosted any big tournament series in October. Now that it’s expected to host the New Jersey Poker Classic this November, there’s no doubt that it’ll generate more than what is expected of it.

  1. Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is a pretty good reminder that the gambling industry is going very smoothly in New Jersey. Reports have it that it has surpassed again its $6 million revenue for the third straight time. It’s even ahead of $2 million from Borgata, which shows that it’s on top of the game when it comes to gambling, whether or not it’s through online.

  1. Resorts AC

Resorts AC have just hosted its New Jersey Championship of Online Poker last October. Even though it’s just the second time, its revenue spiked at a surprising 10%, which is a very high increase so to speak. This even happened even though it had a 23% decrease last October.

  1. Tropicana

Tropicana is the odd one out as it’s negatively affected by the online gambling boom in New Jersey. As of now, the Tropicana is at the bottom of the list as it only had $3.4 million revenue. And even though it had an 11% growth, it’s still not enough to make up for the loss