The national guard have been recalled by the governor of Nevada to take strategic locations in Las Vegas an Reno.

The governor has very clearly specified that the guard will not be conducting any arrests or crowd control, but will be stationed in key areas of importance to prevent any looting or vandalism coming from the protesters’ side.

The governor was very careful in the way he expressed this new situation in the state and tied to keep things as neutral as humanly possible.

It was outlined that the national guard will allow and encourage the protesters to practice their right to protest and will not engage in direct situation management unless utterly necessary.

Where will the national guard be deployed?

It’s presumed that the guard will take key areas in Las Vegas more than it will in other cities of the state. The primary locations of protection would be the luxury hotels and casinos of the city as well as numerous tourist attractions that give the city its distinct flair.

Risking any harm to the city’s infrastructure is a serious gamble that the local government is just not ready to go for, especially after the financial devastation that was the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is absolutely essential for local businesses to keep the peace and keep their equipment safe in order to ensure a successful re-opening of gambling and accommodation activities within the city.

Should the re-opening fail due to damages dealt or protests disrupting commerce, it is extremely likely for dozens of local businesses to go under.

Having virtually no means of income for the last 2 months was already a hit not many were able to survive, but those that did are now hanging by a thread.

It has already been confirmed by the Federal Reserve that many businesses simply do not have enough savings to continue lockdown past June. Anything after this month could potentially spell disaster not only for Las Vegas but for any business relying on physical customers.

Expecting a rough first week

The casinos are expected to open up on June 4th, a long-awaited event for thousands if not millions of Americans.

However, due to the unrest currently engulfing the country, it is very unlikely that the first week will pass smoothly.

This is mostly because of the majority of the American population being part of the protests, still staying home due to the pandemic or being afraid to be caught between the protesters and police clashes.

Because of this, it might be possible for LV casinos to not have their full staff present at the venues.

Therefore, even if the protests don’t play a role in the number of customers, it could still be disastrous for many companies as they will not be able to handle the amount of demand that they would normally be able to.

Overall, there are many questions still floating around the gambling community in the United States.

Not only are the next few days going to determine the financial landscape of Nevada, but also for thousands of investors that are hoping for a correction in LA-based casino stocks.