With about forty casinos for a 29.5 km of surface area, Macau is the paradise of gambling. This Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China make more than all the American's gaming homes together. It is especially the only place in the world where half of the tourists are gamblers. City of disproportion, it has an airport unique in the world, almost built above water, it is the international airport. You have to know that 70% of the city's incomes come from the gain of the VIP lounges of the island's casino. So what? You thought Las Vegas was the only place on earth to guarantee entertainment and excess! Discover Macau, the gambling capital!


Macau is spread over 4 main zones. The Macau peninsula in the north. Tapai and Cotai in the center and Coloane in the south.

Carte Macao


The peninsula is the historical center of Macau, which then expanded to the south. That's the reason why there are many historical monuments related to the Portuguese culture. The Guia and Monte fortresses are the most striking example of the Portuguese historical impact in this region.

We can find in the Monte Fortress wonders such as the Hong Kung temple, the Lelka Senade building, the Sam Kai Vui Kun temple. Every year these places attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

The Lisboa hotel is also a great example of this melting between the Portuguese culture and the Asian one. Founded in 1979, the hotel has managed to maintain its fame. Based on an design which mixes Portuguese and Chinese design and ornaments, you will be immersed in a set of wonderful mixes and stunning chandeliers. This hotel will project in a chic and princely frame which reminds people of the Portuguese colonial period.

Lisboa Hotel

It is in this side of Macau that are located big hotels. Thus, we find there the MGM Grand , the Wynn, the Grand Lisboa, the Grand Emperor Hotel, the Sofitel Ponte 16


In this side of Macau, you can immerse within this island's history, understand how and why this small island became the world capital of gambling. The history museum of Taipa will reveal you all its secrets.

Impressive hotels like the Regency Hotel, a big resort which has its own gaming space, its own restaurants, its business center and its pool.

Mainly colored white, yellow and stained wood and despite the distance, this hotel will carry you in the environment of Portugal seaside villas.

This island's side hosts the international airport of Macau. It is one of the rarest airports to be almost entirely above water. The effect is quite disturbing when the plane is about to take off or land and that the only thing we can notice is how large is the ocean.

You can also watch in live the horse racing betting at the island's Jockey Club, which is located on this island's part.


In this zone, we can find numerous well-known casinos such as the Central Cotai resort. This large space welcomes world reknown hotels like the Sheraton Hotel, the Conrad and the Holiday Inn.

An other hotels and casinos consortium: the City of Dreams which aspires to be the Macau dynamic center. It is the reason why it is surrounded by 4 well-known hotels. In this way, there are the Hard Rock, the Crown and the Grand Hyatt.

The Venetian group founded in Cotai and not far from the previous resort, the similar casino as the one in Las Vegas. The same decorations, the same spatial organization. It is by the way quite upsetting for people having already seen the American version.

How about if it was possible to grow an oasis in the heart of Macau? The Galaxy Complex did it! This huge complex casino welcomes 3 hotels: the Banyan Tree, the Okura and the Galaxy Hotel.

This casino complex immerse you in a white and gold setting, with palm trees and pools. With its 40 restaurants and lounge bars, including 12 Chinese restaurants, 9 Japonese, 4 Italian, 1 steak house, 2 fast food, you surely won't be hunger! Each of its restaurants offer you menus particularly elaborated for their setting up in Macau.

This complex also has 25 luxury and electronic shops, a bank, a wedding planner and 4 beauty institutes.


Coloane is the Macau peak, in the south of its island. It is still very natural. That is the reason why there is the museum of nature and agriculture. But also numerous parks whose management and cleaning are amazing.

You can stroll from wonder to wonder during your ride, going from a fountain with multicolored fishes to a flower meadow representing a Macau figure or an emblematic landscape of the Asian or Portuguese culture.

To fully immerse in the Macau Chinese culture, walk down the streets of the Coloane Village, the traditional Asian part of the island. Air is fresher than in the rest of the island, people are smiling and suggest you to visit with them.

Originally, Coloane was the island's fishing and trading port. It permitted to trade with the neighboring islands. Today, it is the paradise of the beaches and sunbathes fans, but also those of walking tour and golf!

In the south corner, you can profit from the boat club of Macau in order to rent a ship or to do some water activities. Beaches are particularly pleasant there, a mix between coconut trees and fine sand.


The games establishments are more and more numerous in Macau and this, since the 2000s, but we must accept that some of them are more famous than others like the Venetian, the City of Dream, The Sands, Wynn etc. These gaming rooms are not only different by their size. Emotions, comfort, satisfaction, pleasure and quality services they offer make them different from the others.

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Being part of the biggest and the nicest casinos of the world, the Venetian Macau was inaugurated on 22 August 2007. Run by the American giant of games, the Vegas Sands, the gaming room is just a copy of the one of Las Vegas, offering 2 hotels: the Venetian and the Four Season's.

The presence of the NBA, the national basket-ball association, as well as the Cirque du Soleil at the opening of the Venetian shows the greatness of the establishment at the international scale, which is the biggest casino hotel in Asia.


That said, the venue is not only for gamblers, even if it offers all the casino games. The establishment permits also to discover the local specialities as well as the international cuisine with its twenty restaurants.

To the delight of its clients, the biggest theatre plays and the big opera movements are held in the Venetian theaters which can welcome up to 15,000 spectators.

It is in a sophisticated and joyful setting that the gamblers will indulge their passion. Slot machines and table games are spread over several floors. In this way, professionals such as experienced gamblers are immersed in an amazing gaming world.


The City of Dreams opened its doors to the public on 1st June 2009. With such a meaningful name, the owner, the Australian billionaire James Packer, did everything in its possible to make this establishment an inescapable place of entertainment and tourism in Macau.

By night, the City of Dreams can easily be recognized thanks to its blue lights on which are written the brand and the name of the establishment. With a design totally modern, the establsihment attracts a young clientele.

City Of Dreams

The City of Dreams is in any case the right place for all kinds of gamblers: the fanciful gamblers, enthusiasts, professionals, high rollers and even the curious ones. VIP rooms are eat the disposal of those who love big thrills and those who want to measure up to high rollers.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the establishment has four high-class hotels. They are the Crown Tower, the Hard Rock and the Grand Hyatt. These luxury holiday resorts ensure you special times and so many good memories.


« Be at the heart of everything », that's what the Central Cotai ensures you during your stay!

This huge luxury hotel has 3 hotels: the Sheraton, the Conrad and the Holiday Inn.

Enjoy the ultimate experience of the duty free shopping! More than 100 shops are waiting for you in Central Cotai. With the Venetian across the street, combined with the Four Season's shops, there are in total 800 shops!

Cotai Central

As for catering, more than 20 restaurants offer their specialities. To eat well, taste the Chinese or Japonese, Itialian or western cuisine, you will be able to feast on!

The hotel permits children to immerse in the exciting world of Dreamworks. Thus, they can go about their activities with their favorite heros while you will be enjoying your stay!


The Asian Sands, the other establishment of the Las Vegas Sands group is very popular with tourists and Chinese gamblers. Open on 18 May 2004. This Macau casino is among the most famous and the most pleasant gaming rooms in Asia.

As for catering, 8 restaurants invite you to discover their menus. From Mac Donald's and KFC Fast food, passing through the quality buffet up to the fine dishes of the Japonese restaurant, Golden Court and Copa Steakhouse, you papillae will be amazed.


As it used to do, the establishment amazes from the outside with a modern and refined design. Inside, the friendly and shining decoration is amazing. The staff being multilingual and helpful, each one will be as at home, and in better.

After a hard day, enjoy good cares offered by the Sands' spa. A real serene place is waiting for you at the edge of the pool, where deckchairs and bets will ensure you the rest and the calm you need.


This complex, amazing by its awesomeness, its pure white and gold color will ensure you to live in the best Macau complex, whose building is estimated at 1.9 billion dollar. What is normal for a complex aspiring to be the new Asia palace!

3 luxury hotels propose you to live in their 2,200 dreaming rooms and suites: the Banyan Tree, the Okura Hotel and the Galaxy Hotel.


Real gourmets, simple gourmets or those who want to eat fast, 40 restaurants, from the fast food to the gastronomic invite you to indulge your culinary desires. You can taste meals from all over the world, and of course discover the local culture.

In order to amaze you, an artificial beach of about 25,000 square feet and a large wave pool were built. A big theater welcomes numerous shows well-known in the world, but also about 10 3D movie theaters. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is the opportunity to have a good moment!

After a few hours shopping in the 29 luxury hotels, you will discover 3 wellness centers which will delightedly take care of you. A treatment card all very attracting are waiting for you and will foster you to pamper.


We promised you excess, here is the perfect example! Surely Vegas has some atypical design hotels. However, the Star World is amazing!

This giant resort offers 4 restaurants, all inspired by an Asian design, but also in various styles and tastes. A special mention for the Jade Garden, which offers a fine cuisine which surely will amaze your papillae.

Do you want to contemplate a beautiful panorama? The Star World grants you the opportunity. At the 17th floor of the hotel, you will be able to enjoy the Infinity Swimming Pool, a pleasant swimming pool, surrounded by deskchairs and wicker chairs, with beach beds. Dolce vita in Macau? Unbelievable!

Star World

Asian whiskys are reknown with the experts. They are the speciality of this hotel's bar lounge. In a environment favourable to chatting, sip cocktails made in front of you and let them amaze you by their freshness.

Taste several whiskies, some of which are rare by their age. Let yourself succumb to delicious cigars the bartenders will offer you, while listening to discussions, music, performed in live by a group, enjoying a view from the terrace.

Whether it is at the Whisky Bar or in the area dedicated to performances, many shows are held in the Star Hotel. Dancing, concert, humor, choose your show and enjoy them for an evening.


Do you know the luxury Wynn & Encore Las Vegas? If so, you won't be disoriented in the Asian version of the Macau Wynn! Everything is identical except the fact that the Asian version is newer, and then a little more modern.

You will find there the luxury atmosphere, very meticulous, that charecterizes the luxury hotel industry. And you can find this willingness in the dishes offered by the Wynn: 7 head chefs offer you their menus!

A two-star Chinese cuisine at the Michelin guide for the Golden Flower, the best Japanese chef for the restaurant Mizumi, an Italian chef well-known thank's to its pastas made by hands and its pizzas, as well as 4 other exceptional restaurants. As one can see, you will feast up at the Macau Wynn!


A liking of wellness? A salon and 2 Spas are there to meet this desire! A real paradise of wellness were built to immerse you in a casual atmosphere favourable to relaxation.

As for shopping, 28 luxury shops are waiting for you! Glasses, handbags, outfits, garments etc. this luxury consortium will meet all your expectations.

Numerous animations and wonders are within the Wynn... Jellyfishes aquarium, a 24 carat golden giant dragon , fountains shows, lounge bars, clubs, you won't have time to get bored.


Discover the Macau MGM Grand, still in this amazing design!

This hotel suggest you to dine like a king in this luxury hotels. French, Italian, Cantonese or Asian cuisine, confectionary, book your table and be amazed by the numerous savors and the strength of these cuisines.

The ABA Bar invites you to taste its best wines and champagnes, all in a chic and refined setting. As for the Lion's Bar, it invites you to dance all night long with live performances of music bands and DJs.

MGM Grand

After a hard day, take time to discover the relaxing area of MGM Grand: a breathtaking view swimming pool. But especially the Six Senses Spa! There, an only watchword: tranquility. Let you be pampered and enjoy the best massages and cares.

Works of art, luxury products, garments, shoes, souvenirs, you will find everything you need in the shopping temple of this hotel.

Don't miss the activities proposed, they often are amazing! Currently, they offer you the « Water Aurora » experience: an immersion to discover more than 1000 exotic fishes in a big cylindrical aquarium of 8m.

The other Macau main casinos are also available on Casinos Avenue.


Despite its small area, Macau is full of activities and entertainments. In order to not to get lost, it's better to be ready and be informed about the right ways of doing things. What is the best means of transport? Who offers the best cuisine? Where to go shopping? In which district or hotel to house? So many questions on which relies the success of your trip.



The best means of transport to discover Macau is walking. As the town is secured, walking will permit you to discover Macau hidden treasures.

Then, there is the bus. Rates are stable, what safes you from bargaining as for taxis or rickshaws. Surely the latter are accessible everywhere, but all drivers don't speak english.


Besides the games accessible everywhere in the town, some important places such as the Fashion Club, the Bellini Lounge and the Cinnebar are worth to be visited.

Night and day, to meet people, to relax, to have fun or to dance, these bars and nightclubs are the best in Macau. The environment is chic, the atmosphere is festive and the performances and services are on top.

If Bellini Lounge is located within the Venetian, as for Fashion Club, it is located in the district of fishermen's wharf. As for Cinnebar, it is perfect for the nightlife in Macau.

The visit of the cultural heritages of the town is also among Macau's main entertainments. You will be able to contemplate the town's old districts by walking around Rua dos Ervanarios and Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo.

Grand Lisboa

The Casino Grand Lisboa is only a few minutes on foot from these streets very popular with vacationers.


Shopping in Macau is still attracting as there is no tax. However you have to be careful as for items like furniture, jewels, devices and the antiques. For these products, prices are high and papers must be real and legal.

That said, the good places to go for shopping are the rua São Paulo, the rua do Campo, thr Red Market, the Sao Domingo market or else the Avenida Almeida Ribeiro.

Avenida Almeida Ribeiro Shopping Macao

Beside the resorts' business centers, the most beautiful shops, in all kinds, are located in Cotai. There are especially the Portuguese wine, real property, investment goods, garments that tourists buy mostly in the city.


From a restaurant to another, prices can triple, and a 10% tip has also to be added. Macau's local meals are still affordable. It is also the case of the caldo verde, galinha africana picante and pombo assado, the Asian gastronomy true classics.

You can also find large meals like fishes, namely the peixe assado and the sardinahas assadas, and drinks such as the verde wine, the vino branco or tinto.

These meals and recipes are available in the restaurants of the biggest resorts of Macau as well as in the neighbor restaurants. You can also find them in small businesses and in every street corner.

To taste Macau's cuisine in all its glory, you must necessarily go to Alfonso III.

Even though Macau has grown in a few years and the city is mostly populated by Chinese, the region's inhabitants remain in touch with the Portuguese culture.


Several places, avenues and streets still display their Portuguese name (Rua da Ressurreição, Largo de Santo Agostinho, Place Lilau…). Numerous colonial buildings keep on being catered (the Basilica Saint Paul, the Mount Guia's Headlight, Loyal Senate...). Portuguese restaurants, at the image of Vasco da Gama, Fernando, Antonio, O Santos etc. are still famous in Macau.


If Macau is generally known for its amazing casinos and resorts, this Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China has also some remnants from the Portuguese colonization, and even heritages classified by UNESCO. In any case, activities work all day long and tourists keep always coming. Zoom on this small paradise.

Macau has about 20 gardens including the unavoidable municipal Park of Dr Sun Yat Sen located near the Border with China. Located in the north of the city, on the Avenida do comendador Ho Yin, the park distinguishes itself from the others with its birdcage, the famous structure called continuous Handshake, its forest Fung Shui reputed to attract luck, its victorian style glasshouse and its panoramic view on Zhuhai.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Macao Park

The lodge of the giant pandas in Seac Pai Van Park of Coloane also attracts loads of people. The fishermen's wharf which is the first theme leisure center of Macau with an area of 1,200,000 square feet also arouses the admiration and the joy of tourists. Visitors roll in everyday to the Cultural Village of d'A-Ma by its originality and its beauty. It rubs the biggest figure of the world, the goddess A-Ma, known as Tin Hau.

Macau also has remnants from the Portuguese colonization as the Moorish Shacks built in 1874. Initially, the building was built to welcome Indian soldiers to help the local police. Today, it has become the seat of the Macau's Navy administration.

Cultural and historical remnants of Macau such as the Leal Senado Building, the Place of the Senate, the Casa Garden, the St-Paul ruins etc. are true classics of Macau's tourism.

The Saint-Lazarus district and its successive colonial houses, the Macau Tower which is the highest lookout of the city and which houses the 360° Revolving Restaurant and the market along the Rua de Praia do Manduco are important destinations in Macau.

Lac Nam Van Macao

Macau is also bordered by the River Pearl and the South Chinese Sea. The region also has the Nam Van lake. A situation which permits to visit the town through the water, or even to join the Mainland China, i.e Hong Kong and Guangzhou.