The 24-year old American man proudly pose with his bracelet and his $7,683,346 after an exceptional run which started at the end of Day 7.

That's what we call a landslide victory. Loads of premiums, good confrontation and an ounce of chance allowed Joseph Mc Keehen (Joe to his friends) to compete in that final table at the Rio Las Vegas casino. He eliminated 6 out of his 8 opponents to triumph, that's a first.

This TF, however, wasn't the most exciting one over the last few years, the atmosphere was rather calm and tensed. On one side, we quickly lost the two cheerful lads of the event with the eliminations of the Italian Federico Buterroni and the Belgian Pierre Neuville who respectively ranked at 8th and 7th place, which can explain the lack of enthusiasm from the audience.

The last feedback from spectators and viewers are rather negative concerning how the event was organized. A lot of people are questioning about the 4-month long break which changed things completely. They also blame the time players took to make up their mind. Indeed, watching the replay of the TF from beginning to end can be burdensome. You have the impression to see 5 hands an hour. If you want to get into it:

Anyway, coming back to the game, grinding in a row and raising a substantial stack from the beginning, no one could stop Joe who possessed almost 40% of the chips before it starts again. The previous champion of the gambling world Risk succeeds the Swedish Martin Jacobson who had overwhelmed last year by going down to 7BB before waving the bracelet.

The prize money was a bit less than last year ($7,7m for the winner against $10m in 2014), the tournament still allowed Neil Blumenfield, at the 3rd place, and the runner-up Joshua Beckley to pack $3.4m and $4,5m. You can find the ranking just below:

1- Joe McKeehen (USA) - $7,683,346
2- Joshua Beckley (USA) - $4,470,896
3- Neil Blumenfield (USA) - $3,398,298
4- Max Steinbeg (USA) - $2,615,361
5- Zvi Stern (Israel) - $1,911,423
6- Thomas Cannuli (USA) - $1,426,283
7- Pierre Neuville (Belgium) - $1,203,293
8- Federico Butteroni (Italy) - $1,097,056
9- Patrick Chan (USA) - $1,001,020

Winner on a rather classic flip, 44 for Beckley vs A10 for McKeehen, 10 on the flop, the heads-up only lasted for 13 hands.

First WSOP title goes to the young man who had failed the runner-up last year during the Monstar Stack tournament, against Hugo Pingray.

Well done to him and for the control he showed throughout the event. Let's bet that he'll know how to make good use of this gold mine.

See you next year!