The Summer Olympic games will take place in Japan in 2020. This event attracts thousand of fans and it is, for sure, a great economic and touristic opportunity for the hosting country. That is why; the Japanese government is looking for the legalization of Casinos throughout the country, in order to attract many travelers and locals.

Today, Japan is the only industrialized nation to prohibit casinos on its land. Thus, the Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, wish to legalize casinos and gambling games.

With almost 128 millions of inhabitants, the island seems to be an attractive market for the big worldwide companies running casinos and resorts. If you add to them the tourists, the investment in gambling game in Japan looks thrilling.

According to Japon Infos, the rumors talk about the creation of huge casinos resorts similar to those in Vegas, including hotels, conference spaces, shows and, of course, games. The Liberal Democratic Party is resolved to install those casinos. A group of officials including the minister of economy, industry and exchanges and the National Police Agency are intensively working on the matter.

However, the project does not quite rejoice everybody in the country. Indeed, not all the political class, the Komeito party for example, follow the Prime Minister and the majority party. The legalization of the project still waits to be official. But, today’s deflation in Japan makes the government push harder to adopt the project.

Still a rookie in the gambling world, Japan has to find the right operator to manage all the casinos. A plan that will create three independent entities is discussed. A regulatory agency, local administrations and Cabinet Ministers are thought to be in charge of supervising the casinos, as Pokernews tells us.

The total number of casinos is also on debate. The number would be limited in order to successfully maintain the security against the mafia or frauds.

That will probably be excellent news for the players all around the world!