This Saturday, an impressive fire occurred at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino. The resort, consisting of two towers of 51 and 53 floors, saw its exterior floor dedicated to the Bamboo Pool, one of its 3 pool area, damaged by fire.

The fire started in a cabana (small private cottage at the pool). The assumptions on the cause of the fire are numerous: cigarette butt launched from a top floor, fire fryer ... The flames spread rapidly, burning the palm trees surrounding the cabana and releasing a thick black smoke.

Many floors were evacuated. According to the Clark County Fire Department, two people were intoxicated by smoke and taken over by the emergency services.

To allow firemen to access the flames, the famous Las Vegas Strip was closed for about 45 minutes. The firemen put 31 minutes to extinguish the fire. The pool was reopened the next day.