The statement has been made directly from the wealthy owner, Steve Wynn. He announced a new staggering project at his Wynn Hotel & Casino located on the Strip. The golf course located behind the venue will get some transformation with the addition of a gigantic space dedicated to entertainment!

The project is staggering and enormous. But nothing surprising, we are in Sin City, the city of excessiveness!

The Wynn Hotel & Casino, already huge with its 4,500 rooms, will be expended thanks to new facilities on its golf course. A lagoon, A 1,000 hotel rooms tower, a convention space, restaurants, nightclubs and a small casino will be added!

Scheduled for 2020, this place will be named the Wynn Paradise Park and will cost around $1,6 billion according to

The 260,000 square feet lagoon will provide sand beaches and nice boardwalks. Visitors can practice some water sports as water ski or paddleboard, all day long.

When the sun goes down, it will be time to celebrate in the nightclubs and restaurants of the place. Firework shows will be also programmed for all the visitor’s pleasures.

But, this pleasure will cost some money. The entrance of this magical place will be between $20 and $50 depending of being client of the hotel or not.

The Wynn Group is currently making a splash. Indeed, it is going to open a Wynn Place Casino at Macau this year as well as a Wynn Boston Harbor Resort in 2017.

This gigantic project proves that the extra gaming entertainment became a complete strategy for the casino’s operators.

Be patient and be ready in a few years to enjoy this new heaven of entertainment!