If you have never played on an online casino, you may have many questions in mind, such as: Are they secure? Can you make money on them?

Or more simply: What is the difference between each? In this article we will respond to these questions, for anyone that would like to play real money New Zealand casinos, online.

How secure are Online Casinos in 2022?

This is a question that many people still ask themselves, if they have never played on an online casino, before now.

The simple answer is: They are as secure as any physical casinos. But let’s develop why online casinos real money NZ are so safe today.

At the beginning of their existence, which basically goes back all the way to the birth of the internet, online casinos were illegal in most countries.

The first online casino companies were created in tax haven countries. It still attracted some players, which created an interest for more casinos to open, online. How secure were these casinos at the time, would be hard to tell today.

In order for online casinos to be regarded as safe, they first had to be recognized by law, which they are now, in most countries.

Although states like New Zealand don’t give out licences to online casinos, they do let their citizens play on them, as long as they are not based inside the country. Which is why gamblers head to online casinos real money NZ, when they want to play.

The truth is, online casinos are certainly as safe to play as physical ones, if not more. The account that you create online benefits from a security level that you only find on the best websites in the world, no matter what they sell or which service they offer.

Furthermore, online casinos had to work hard to be recognized as secured. To do so, they got together under the cover of various associations, that defined global rules which had to be respected by all members.

One of them relates to compulsive players, with gambling problems. Online casinos in such associations need to refuse them entrance, when they are already known as such, and they have to minimize the potential loss of each player.

Can you win Money on an Online Casino?

Online casinos are no different than physical casinos. Each of them will be unique from the other, but in general you will find similar games on them, on which you can play for money.

To do so, you will first need to open an account, on one. It implies that you will have to transfer money on it, if you want to be allowed to play, naturally. There are various methods that you can use, and their availability will also vary from one casino to the next.

The most common ones will be: Credit or debit card, Paypal and wire transfer, but you can also be offered others, such as using cryptocurrencies.

From the moment you chose the game you wish to play, you’ll be asked to indicate the amount of money you are betting on a game. The odds of winning will be the same one as inside a regular casino, according to the game you chose to play.

Once you are done playing, if you have won, you can cash-out and take out the money you won. Some online casinos offer an immediate cash-out, while others will take a day or more. Check before you start playing on the policies of the online casino that you chose.

What makes a Casino Better than Another?

If this is your first time looking for an online casino, you may not know what to expect from any of them. Therefore, there is simply no possibility for you to compare between what is good and bad, until you have tried a few. However, let us help you make the difference right away, thanks to the tips that you will find below.


A good online casino needs to have a large variety of game to play. Those should include a large number of slot machines, various table games (baccara, roulette, and more) as well as card games, of which poker is certainly the most famous and popular one.

Although their number counts, the quality of them is even more important. Today, slot machines visuals should be as high as any other video game you could play online, or in your living room.

Table games can also be played with real croupiers throwing the dices, or spinning the wheel. The same is true about card games. Game availability is the first thing you need to look at, when you are searching for an online casino to play on.


Some online casinos will provide you with the capacity to play on their website, exactly as if you were walking the floor of a physical casino. To do so, you will have to be equipped with VR goggles.

Looking through them, you will be immersed inside a virtual casino, and the sounds will also fill your ears, though headphones. Some of their games will also be augmented through virtual elements.

Although AR is making its way (Augmented Reality), it is still very rare and hard to find.


There are such a large number of online casinos these days, that they do a lot of promotion to get players attention. One of the marketing techniques that they use, is to provide a welcome bonus for new players.

They can come in various forms and need to be analyzed before deciding if they are worth it or not. Some of them will be provided to the player, only if he spends an equal or given amount of money as well, on the website.

Depending on the requested amount, it may or may not be interesting. It is better to look for a bonus with no strings attached. In other words, you can play with the money they provide you initially, and if you want to stop after spending it, or leave with the money you gain without investing more, you can do so.