In a recent interview published on October 14th 2015, Mark Pilarski, editor specialized in gambling, sheds light on the best way to tip in casinos.

You won big money but when it's time to withdraw your winnings, you have no idea about how much to tip? You're staying in a resort but don't know how to show your gratitude towards the room service?

If one of the two situations mentioned above has already happened to you, or at least, could happen to you eventually, an expert will make it clearer for you.

In an interview published in Detroit Free Press, the largest daily newspaper in the city, Mark Pilarski answers these questions that you'll certainly be to ask if you win the jackpot.

His recommendations:

- ALWAYS tip

- 5% of the total jackpot is appropriate (if jackpot of between $1,000 - $5,000) and given to the slot machines attendant who handled your payment

- Leave a three to then-dollar tip per night (amount can vary according to the quality of service)

- Put the tip in an envelop, mark it "Chambermaid" and place it in an obvious place

- Prefer cash and avoid spare change

Those little and simple things will help you become an "excellent tippers".

Please find the full interview by visiting Detroit Free Press' page.