Not a single business sector has remained untouched by the deadly impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the first wave of the outbreak had already passed, it left many different industries struggling to overcome the bad influence and recover from the pandemic.

And now as the second wave has already started, the countries are trying with all their effort to take precautions, avoid increasing cases and protect their citizens from one more economic crisis.

Taking care of various business sectors has become an even hard task for the US, as the elections day approached and the whole attention is shifted from economics and health to politics. However, there are still other important fields for the American community that need to be taken into consideration and the US gaming sector is one of them.

Everybody taking part in the iGaming industry of the USA now knows how hard it is for the gambling industry to survive the impact of Covid-19, but the situation regarding the gaming sector is far better compared to the health and travel sectors.

The gambling industry of the US has been resilient over the recent months, however, of course, it was affected by the pandemic and is still in front of huge challenges. Let’s see how they tried to overcome the impact of lockdown and what are the issues the US gaming sector goes through right now.

How the US iGaming industry handles the pandemic?

The US casinos have been shut down for four months due to the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, according to the Washington Post, the states lost more than $2 billion in tax revenue. Now the US gambling industry is benefiting from the government’s new regulatory and tax orders and it tries to overcome the impact of the pandemic.

After the end of the first wave, finally, 90% of the land-based casinos have reopened and started operating, however, they are functioning at restricted levels because they are still trying to slow down the spread of the virus. For doing so, it’s necessary for the casinos and their workers to be provided with additional financial aid.

Now it is believed that the situation has already improved a bit, but help in recovering is still needed. Recently Bill Miller, the president of the American Gaming Association, said that the gambling industry is working hard on a complete comeback but they still need a hand to handle this pretty difficult task.

Based in Washington D.C, the American Gaming Association usually takes care of promoting and lobbying on the gaming entertainment industry and for this purpose, they held a virtual conference of the Global Gaming Expo 2020. It’s a well-known gambling industry trade show organized by Reed Exhibitions which is usually held in LAs Vegas, Nevada.

This year they discussed all the current challenges of the iGaming field and set the plans for the possible solutions. As Bill Miller stated, he gaming industry in America has never experienced such kind of disruption before, which is not a surprise.

He reported that in March as a result of the lockdown every single land-based casino had been shut down by the government, and therefore, about 1.8 million jobs were lost.

Fortunately for every person involved in the gaming industry, now the president outlines his optimism for the recovery of the industry and believes that today iGaming can rebound and its comeback will be stronger than ever, as it has the solid ground to keep on with the recovery process.


Benefits of the gaming industry to the US economy

Nowadays American society believes that promoting the gambling industry may have a good influence on the country’/s general economy. As a result, the situation has changed and now gambling is considered desirable in some parts of the US.

Besides, there is other positive news for the gambling industry. According to the recent research of the AGA, the attitudes towards gambling in American Society has changed throughout the years. Today more Americans think of gaming positively and 50% of the US adults have a pleasant impression of the casino industry and consider it an acceptable form of entertainment.

People started to realize the benefits of gaming on the US economic and local communities which are why nearly 70% of people who took part in the research say that gaming provides a positive influence on the economy and gives them chances to engage in high-quality jobs.

If we believe the national survey of registered voters, in general now more than 50% of Americans have a favorable view of the gambling industry.

The impact of the pandemic

While many other global economy facets are struggling to reopen in 2020, the predictions of the recovery are much positive when it comes to the US gaming industry. Recently they safely opened the doors to employees and besides, the American citizens say that they have visited a casino in the last months’ despite COVID-19 as they believe that their safety is guaranteed in US casinos.

However, gaming tax money indeed plays a vital role in funding public services, and in the future, it will probably become even more important which is why the governments must provide a competitive tax and regulatory environment. It’s something that will help local communities, economies, and public services to keep on functioning.

However, as BBC reports, the coronavirus did trigger the boost of the video games during the lockdown. It is not a surprise because people have been sitting at home, unable to go outside and participate in their favorite gambling venues.

As a consequence, they started taking part in eSports and playing video games. Therefore, the gambling industry has been almost the only one who had been thriving during the lockdown despite the widespread economic disruption and the revenues of most gaming platforms and companies have increased during the pandemic.

The reason for this is that people at home have been looking for social interaction and participating in video games with multiple other users gave them the opportunity to satisfy their communication needs, which is why the recent data shows the huge growth in playing time and sales since the first lockdown.

For example, Electronic Arts which is the leading eSports firm said that their net income had doubled during the pandemic, reaching $1.3 billion in the first quarter of the year.

Taking this into account, we can certainly say that gaming has seen a huge boost this year because hundreds of million US citizens have been forced to stay at home and stop using land-based casinos. With many sites like featuring the best sites to play, it is easy to find an online venue that fits your need.

Because of this, all the industry giants, like Microsoft or Steam have reported major increases in user numbers and the US video game market set a new record as it hit the highest level in over a decade in March.

However, the situation is a little bit different when it comes to land-based casinos. They’re due to the health measures, certain services don’t function just like they did before the pandemic.

For example, there are fewer seats at the gaming tables because of the social distance, about every other slot machine is turned off and all these things contribute to the lower revenue. Despite the current situation, it is believed that the situation will change in a few months and the gambling industry will become as successful as it always has been in the US, or maybe it will even see more benefits than ever before.