*Photography: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg.While the gaming world constantly acquires new technologies , it will now have robots to give you cards.

The Paradise Entertainment Ltd company, located in Hong Kong, displayed in the beginning of the week a robot better than the real thing. According to this gaming provider and manufacturer, “Min”, as they named her, could totally turn upside down the landscape in the world of casinos. At the moment, she just sorts and distributes the cards, but improvements are to be expected really soon. Indeed, she will be able to specifically talk to you and in your language thanks to a facial recognition.

You may find this surprising, even shady, but these prototypes respond to a certain demand which isn’t as ridiculous as it seems. In some states in the United States, working as a dealer is forbidden or the workforce is deemed to be too expensive. According to many specialists like Carlos Siu (Researcher at Macau Polytechnic Institute) for example, this can be a good alternative to get round the jurisdiction or earn money, as he related in Bloomberg.

In addition to this, Min’s efficiency will be more than worthy. She distributes on average 30% more cards than a human. So, more matches on time for the players, will it be enough to convince them of the relevance of this service?

We can still be doubtful because even though technology can impress, there is yet a lot of work to do before making this robot more “human”. In hindsight, it does look a little bit terrifying. Knowing that electronic game tables already exist, if we want to play alone without talking, the relevance of this robot is quite hard to understand.

The fact remains that this may bear fruit. At the moment, many potential buyers are in the middle of discussions with Paradise Entertainment.

So, ready to face "Min" on Blackjack?