Search for online casinos is at an all-time high. The coronavirus crisis, which has forced a large portion of the world into lockdown for various amounts of time, has reinforced the industry.

In truth, it was well on its way before the health concern appeared. Today, numbers indicate that there should still be many years of growth ahead and a greater availability of games will help continue its development.

A New Clientele

Today, the UK is the center of the world when it comes to online casinos. It is no surprise that it has known record numbers of internet search during the lockdown period, since gamblers who would normally use different platforms to wager their money had no other options. They came from physical casinos or sports betting bookmakers and were looking for the best offer.

Many of them ended up playing on casinos offering Mega Moolah slot machines. Why? It is the best-known progressive slot machine on the internet and the one that pays the most. The minimum mega jackpot for this game is one million. No wonder these new players were attracted by the potential gain.

They also took advantage of the various welcome offers from the best service provider online, often giving away free spins to players when they join. There is also a website called Mega Moolah One to find the best casinos for this game. Players visiting the website can find where and how to benefit from the various offers related to Mega Moolah.

Engaged Gamblers Spending More Time Playing

Even though online gambling has been on the rise throughout the last few months, with physical casinos closed and professional sports halted, the total revenues from the gambling industry has gone down.

However, there is a sharp increase in customers looking to play slots, poker, and other casino games online. There is also new interest in virtual sports for those who like to bet on (real) sports game.

That is what “Watchdog”, the Gambling Commission, has noticed. They also mentioned that there doesn’t seem to be a rise in problem gambling, but it is keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

According to Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive of GamCare, a UK charity helping individuals with gambling problems, said that the COVID-19 certainly created a concerning context for people who are at risk. Numbers do show that regulars are spending more time and money during the lockdown, which is a situation being monitored.

Industry Regulation in the UK

To make the game safer for all players, Great Britain passed a law on April 14 banning the use of credit cards and e-wallets to pay in online casinos.

Since the beginning of 2020, HSBC UK credit card department said that £16.5 million had been spent by their customers to gamble and the average transaction was £65. Since the lockdown was enforced, the amount spent on gambling has reached over £1.6 million (HSBC UK).

Gambling associations are also doing their part in making sure that the industry remains safe for everyone. As soon as the lockdown came into place, it informed all its members that no advertisement enticing people to play at their online casino during the confinement period would be accepted, and that measures would be taken if any of their members did so.

These weren’t just words as they did ban two casinos from their group.

An Industry with a Bright Future

Before the coronavirus crisis, online casinos were already cruising and soaring to new heights. Investing in them was popular with those involved in the stock exchange market, since they were showing an important growth curve that had been steady for a few years. Now, with the addition of new players, it has become an even more interesting platform for those who are looking for safe locations to put their money into and make profits.

Again, the numbers don’t lie. Experts expect a yearly growth of 3% to 10% for at least the next seven years. The global market should reach $127 billion by 2027 according to a report. Canada and the U.S. are already seeing large increase in the number of games made available in North America, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.

A Greater Variety of Games

As we mentioned earlier, games like Mega Moolah attract a lot of clients to online casinos providing them. But players are also looking for a larger variety of games, and the industry is delivering. Nowadays, the selection of slots, card games, bingo and roulettes is so different from one casino to another that internet users can never get bored.

With the arrival of live dealers online, the experience of online casinos has also completely changed. Those who were accustomed to visit physical casinos really enjoy the possibility to chat with a live person and other players around the table.

It recreates the atmosphere that can be found when on the floor of one of the establishments on the Vegas strip. This added entertainment is one of the reasons why online casinos are taking shares away from their predecessors.

It also acts as a reassuring factor. The feeling that somebody is actually really placing cards on a table or spinning the roulette wheel takes away the previous sense that there could be a way for the house to make sure it wins through the software it uses. Now, it’s just like in a real casino and that means safety to many players.

UK Is the Leader but for How Long?

UK has been the leader in the industry for various reasons which are cultural, legal and corporate. But it would seem like this is about to change.

For starters, the main leaders of the industry, based in the UK, have got their sight on new territories, namely North America and Asia. In the U.S. only, there are over 2,800 online casinos today, a number growing constantly.

This looks like it will soon become an international competition. If so, it will become less expensive to open online casinos and a greater presence on the World Wide Web will drive more people to them. Where will the industry be in seven years? If the experts are correct; all the way at the top!