We could call that the chance of the champion. Vichai Srivaddhanarabha, the owner of Leicester City FC, won not less than £2.5 million at the casino. All of that, just after being the surprising winner of the football Premier league.

The incredible scene took place Wednesday 4th of May 2016 at the Genting Casino of Leicester, according to the telegraph.

Quickly after celebrating the title of champion with his players, the Thai tycoon went to the city’s casino with some friends to spend the evening at the gaming tables.

A few hours later, he left the venue with £2.5 million in his hands! A crazy scenario, only two days after his team, quoted 5,000/1, became the most unexpected Premier League champion of all time.

Thus, his winnings will pay off the electric Mercedes cars that he promised to each player as a reward.

According to the mirror, the fourth fortune of Thailand became a powerful tycoon after opening a simple Duty-free shop in the center of Bangkok in 1989.

Taking advantages of the boom of the Chinese tourism in Thailand, his company grew to make his fortune worth £2 billion today.

In 2010, he became the owner of the modest football club of Leicester City, that will become 6 years after champion of England just ahead of the powerful and wealthy other English clubs.

A story that proves another time that fairy tales do exist!