Between the sparkling skyscrapers, glamorous interiors, the crowds of people and the seas of games, land-based casinos can create lasting memories quickly. But let's be honest. Traveling to an elegant mega hotel in Las Vegas is costly and time-consuming. But what do you do when you feel the urge to play your favorite slot machine?

Turn on your smartphone and search for the best online casinos. Not only will you be overwhelmed by the sheer number of gambling websites but you could also get confused about which ones to choose. Luckily, finding a good mobile casino is easier than it seems. The secret is to find a platform with these features:

  • Licensed to operate in the USA
  • SSL secured website
  • Provides games from respected software providers
  • Has transparent data policies
  • Provides quick withdrawals with low fees
  • Offers bonuses with friendly terms
  • Quick and helpful support staff
  • Reputable company

Where do you get such a casino? Read online reviews. You probably do it before buying anything online. In the same spirit, visit a popular casino comparison website and check out their list of the best US casinos. Check their games, bonuses and learn about their reputation before you pick the right platform.

The Mobile Gaming Experience

If you’ve never played casino games on a mobile device, you are missing a lot. Although they don’t offer the immersive experience MGM Resorts and Caesars Palace provide, there are more than enough reasons to try them out.

Easily Accessible

Mobile casinos allow you to play games wherever you travel. They give you the exclusive privilege to access your favorite gambling platform on the go. That’s something no other gaming platform provides, not even laptops.

Sure, you can carry your laptop to restaurants, the office or the Bahamas when on vacation. But would you carry your laptop to the beach? Do you always keep your Chrome book next to your bed?

That’s why about two billion people in the world play mobile games today. They can be accessed in the most remote of locations. And because they are light and comfortable, they never feel like baggage to have every other time.

Easy to use

Gone are the days when using a smartphone sounded sophisticated. Everyone can create an account on a gaming website, tap a few icons to add money and start playing. Some casinos simplify their apps so much that you only need a couple of clicks to find slot machines or live table games.

Of course, there might be a small learning curve if you are entirely new to casinos. In blackjack, you’ll need to learn about dealing, doubling down, standing and hitting. In poker, knowing what folding means, doubling blinds and bluffing are essential to improve your skills.

But considering modern casino games are designed for ease of playing, mobile casino games are exceedingly straightforward.


Endless Free Games and Bonuses

To beat their competitors, most online casinos shower players with bonuses frequently. You get free spins immediately you register an account. You receive more betting credits when you deposit money and get awarded almost every time you replenish your funds.

Some casinos also feature free to play games to keep customers busy even when they don’t have money. But these games do a lot more than fill up your time. Most players use them to try new strategies. So, when they spend real money, they’ll have a strategy to help magnify their profits.

Again, to be clear; most casino bonuses hold monetary value. A free spin could be worth a measly ten cents, but it is money that could multiple to $50 if you win. Of course, the money can be cashed out, sometimes immediately.

Spend Less

If you travel to Las Vegas to play casino games regularly, you probably know it’s an expensive affair. First, you must cover gas or your flight tickets. Then there’s the issue of accommodation and food. More importantly, you need a decent budget to last a Las Vegas casino for a couple of hours.

By comparison, mobile casinos save you the hassle of traveling to a casino, accommodation and food issues. You only need a bankroll, which can be as little as $10. Spins on slot machines and roulette wheels start at ten cents.

If you play the right games, you also receive free spins that keep you gambling longer than your money can take you. Of course, no one looks at you awkwardly when you idle at a gambling app. You can take as many breaks as you want to save your money and for your convenience.


Using a mobile casino app means dealing with the security issues that come with playing on the Internet. But apps are as safe as or even more secure than land-based platforms. First off, they let you play in the absence of crowds. That means no one will be watching you.

You don’t deal with hard cash, which helps eliminate the possibility of getting mugged. Of course, most land-based casinos also support credit card payments. But to use slots and some table games, you must have stashes of cash with you.

Compared to web-based casinos, apps tend to be safer. Some might be buggy but hackers tend to target web-users more than they do with apps.


Everyone loves convenience, and mobile casinos give you plenty of it. For starters, they are open 24/7 so that you can play when it's most convenient for you. Some also provide round the clock customer support. And as if that's not enough, they give you the freedom to choose between an app and a web-based mobile casino.

And like the best casinos in the world, gambling apps feature hundreds of games. You could play a single game each day and not sample all of them after a calendar year. The games are also diverse, allowing you to choose between tons of slots; blackjack, poker, bingo and scratch card games.