Over the last few years, the Netherlands has focused on legislation to enable online casinos and sportsbooks to operate legally. Still, according to experts in the industry, the Dutch online gambling market has already expanded enormously and is expected to continue to grow.

Dutch legislation governing gambling-related activities was passed in 1964. The Netherlands has been using a special lottery and gambling system for over half a century.

The legislation drafted in the pre-internet era was completely out of date by the time the first online casinos appeared.

Additionally, a new gambling authority was set up in 2012, the Kansspelautoriteit (shortened as KSA), to reform the Dutch gambling law. Additionally, this new rule would take into account the dynamic landscape for players as well as online gambling.

Full implementation of the law took place in February 2021. Providers could now begin the process of applying for licenses. Six months after the new modifications were implemented, the websites went online on October 1, 2021.

Choosing a Good Dutch Betting Site

The Dutch are known for their love of sports, so it only makes sense that they love to bet on their favorite matches as well.

It isn't as difficult as it seems to find a reliable sports betting site in the Netherlands. Reading reviews on sites like Reddit can be a helpful first step toward finding a good bookie. You can also check out online casinos in the Netherlands to start your betting journey.

Netherlands' Remote Gambling Act Has Certain Rules

Gambling in the Netherlands is regulated rigorously. Even though the Remote Betting Act enables private enterprises to enter the new market and new games to be offered, the Dutch approach to player security remains apparent in its details.

  • In both brick-and-mortar and online casinos, players' social security numbers must be entered into a central database (CRUKS). There are strict guidelines for marketing and promotional tactics.

  • It is a legal requirement to verify an individual's age using IDIN.

  • Participation in Controledatabank (CBD), KSA's control database, is required. KSA can monitor all activities at internet casinos with this database.

An Expanding Betting Industry in the Netherlands

It was primarily the removal of language barriers that caused Dutch gambling to become popular once it was legalized. There is now a wide variety of games available online that are easy to understand.

As the gaming industry expands, it is experiencing growth. A TOTO case study indicates that online sports betting generated €127.4 million in revenue.

In total, the company's sales grew to €275 million. A huge increase in revenue has been reported at Holland Casino since 2011, the only land-based casino chain in the country.

Additionally, statistics show that the number of Dutch citizens who gambled online increased from 1.3 million in 2013 to 1.86 million in 2018, indicating a comparable trend.

Online gaming and betting are likely to be acceptable in their fullest form in the coming years based on the data.

The area where people appear to have taken more interest in sports betting. Not only did the number of bettors increase, but so did the revenue generated by sports betting.

A report by sportsbook software provider Altenar suggests that betting turnover has risen. From $26 billion in 2019 to $36 billion in 2021, it is expected to increase.


The regulated online gambling market in the Netherlands has allowed more players to join online casinos.

The players are more confident in their security since online casinos have strict laws and regulations.

Considering that Dutch players are happy spenders, future expectations for the Dutch igaming market are high.

The players will make use of licensed and trusted platforms, where they can play with better offers and bonuses. There is no doubt that online casinos will become more interesting to play in the future.