The casino located in Iowa has made a nice move. The Hard Rock Casino of Sioux City just installed unique slot machines. The theme of these machines? The presidential election of 2016!

It’s a first and those slot machines may have some success in the future. In this year of US presidential election, the casino decided to encourage US citizens to be more responsible and vote, without forgetting to gamble.

Indeed, the new game available for the visitors will use the democratic process of vote. Players will pull the handle and cast a vote in order to hit the jackpot.

Located on the gaming floor, they can’t be missed thanks to their stars and stripes from the American flag.

There is no advertising for any party; they are all at the same level.

If you succeed in line up three party icons, the jackpot prize that you will win is $6,000!

That’s a good reason to vote, right?