In a recent article, the Club Poker announced the launch of an english version of their website.

From its creation until today, Club Poker has evolved and had become the first French community of poker players. News, rules, stories, articles and schedule of poker tournaments… they are aware of everything related to poker.

This website is very popular among worldwide poker aficionados. The latter, who appreciate the content didn’t miss the opportunity to express their need for an English version.

In a article, the CP's announced that besides the popularity, it had already considered, a long time ago, to export its website and to widen its audience beyond the French-speaking sphere.

Club Poker took action. It’s now a done deal: an English version of the website has been currently available for quite some time. As for its structure, it’s an exact replica of the French one, nothing changed. The sections such as news, forum, online poker, editorial content… are still there.

Note that "Allo Poker" will also present under the name "Poker Map" and that the forum is being modernized. Many countries and events will soon be added to their offer in order to find tournaments around the world!

In this new adventure, the community surrounded itself with the bests. According to the CP, the most excellent Paul McGuire (aka Doc Pauly), a high-quality reporter, will be in charge of writing the news. Already known by some people thanks to its book Lost Vegas, he already produced some news and many articles in the editorial section on Las Vegas, the story of poker, or even the story of cards to play.

Good luck with this new adventure!