In sectors that are packed with competition, the use of new technology to gain a competitive advantage is vital.

The casino and online gaming sector is one that has mass competition due to the vast profits that are available for the ones that are successful. That is why casinos invest heavily in developing tech that can offer a superior gambling experience along with helping to increase the profit and security.

There are many great casinos such as that use the latest tech to provide the best user experience and many are in the pipeline that will alter the face of gambling.

Below are the trends that are taking place in the industry that are going to shape the future of online gaming.

GPS Casino Technology

GPS technology has been around for a long time now and many of us rely on it to be able to find locations that we are traveling to.

Over the last few years it has expanded its capabilities and now land-based casinos are utilizing it to helping increase their profits.

They do this by using RFID tech along with Wi-Fi to alter customers about offers along with the location of services they offer that are in close proximity to the smartphone user.

Some Casinos have used GPS tracking to keep an eye on their high rollers. It means that they can offer a superb service by catering for the player's needs.

Staff and managers are altered by the technology when a high roller is in their vicinity so that they can take extra special care of their most profitable gamblers.

Facial Recognition Technology

One of the biggest investments that casino establishment make is on technology to help prevent fraud taking place.

Many gamblers have tried to come up with systems to cheat the house and without technology in place to assist; they stand to lose a lot of money from being cheated.

One of the ways that they are using to combat this is by using facial recognition technology. It can identify players who are blacklisted along with spotting telltale signs of cheating.

Multilabel Switching

One of the biggest problems faced by land-based casinos is making sure that they can handle large deposits along with payouts.

Players do not like to be kept waiting, especially when it comes to claiming any winnings which is why casinos use multi-label switching to handle this process.

MPLS allows for incredibly fast online payments in an ultra-secure environment that enables them to handle any payment requests.

There have been many advances over the last couple of decades that makes it safer along with faster to validate user’s information.

Online Gambling Encryption

Online gaming generates billions in dollars each year which attracts fraudsters looking to try to get their hands on a piece of the pie.

To prevent this from happening casino websites use the latest SSL encryption.

This works by making users private information such as banking and credit card details fully encrypted so that it is not possible for hackers to get their hands on this information.

Online casinos also running on blockchains also took off in 2017.


The future of online gaming and casinos looks bright thanks to new technology providing solutions to make for a more secure and fair environment.

There is the risk however that it could be used for bad rather than good so the new tech will always need to stay one step ahead to make sure that this does not happen.