The Brazilian Senate approved last weekend a law enabling casinos to be opened all over the territory and to allow sports bets. It is a big revolution for the gaming industry.

While dozen of Poker Rooms already exist in the country (major events take place like LAPT or BSOP), Brazil didn’t have any legal casino since the 40s. Likewise, sports bets are still banned. Surprising for a country as festive as Brazil! Well, that is big news for the 200 million inhabitants to whom we can also add up the many tourists.

Indeed, who wouldn’t appreciate to gamble by the water during the holidays in Rio on Copacabana beach ?

However, it’s still too soon to calmly consider doing so, as the project is still in its early stages as indicated in Calvinayre. Many law texts have yet to be examined to have more information about each point.

As far as we know, for the moment, a building permit will be granted by state, even three for the largest ones, which would make a total of 35 casinos spread all over the country. The uncontestable condition would be that they all have to be housed in complexes featuring hotels, business centers, bars and restaurants.

The incomes that the casinos would generate have finally convinced the decision-makers about the interest of this authorization, we are indeed talking about a turnover of 10 billion real ($2,6bn) from the first year.

At the moment, we still need to find out on what conditions and with which gaming companies the project could concretely be set up.

In any case, you can count on us to keep you informed of the project progression!