In Europe, you have over 740 million inhabitants, more than 20 different unique languages and so many cultures and histories interlinked with one another, no surprise that it’s the most culturally rich continent in the world.

However, people with so many differences on the surface, actually enjoy quite a lot of the same activities during their leisure time. We’ll take a look at these with the help of sources like and describe why these leisure activities are so common amongst Europeans.


England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain - the list goes on and on. Football is the most popular sport in the vast majority of European countries. As the most popular sport, it should come as no surprise to know the fact that up to 20 million people in Europe play football recreationally, at least once per week.

People from the ages of 5, all the way to 60+ are avid football fans and players. Stadiums and pitches across towns and suburbs are commonly occupied by people just kicking the ball and having fun or playing in amateur competitions. Football really is the king of European sports.

Casinos online

Casino activities are heavily regulated in most European countries. However, despite the restrictions and regulations, millions of European citizens log in to play or visit their favorite spots in the cities.

But, after the COVID pandemic, casinos online are on the rise. It’s now the faster-growing version of gambling online and offers a lot of variety as well as immersive gameplay to people of all backgrounds and preferences.

All you need to do to play is to be of legal age and to have an e-wallet or a bank account in order to deposit and/or withdraw funds.


Europe has the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Carpathian mountains, the mountains of Scandinavia as well as a border with the Caucasus. This means that the relatively small continent has no shortage of peaks and mountainous spaces. So, it should come to you as no surprise to find out that Europe is the capital for skiers.

There are only a handful of worthwhile skiing resorts outside of Europe and tons of them in this continent. Most of these resorts draw in thousands of local and foreign tourists annually. Most famous skiing resorts are in the Alps, so Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France are the creme de la creme, when it comes to winter fun!

Bike riding

Europeans have a strange obsession with bikes, so to speak. For many reasons, it’s not only the preferred method of personal transportation in major cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam but a very prominent choice for free-time activities.

Basically, when we mention bike riding as a leisure activity, we don’t mean bike riding as a commute. We focus on the people who take out their bikes to go on a trip or a full-blown voyage across an entire region, even.

Board games

And finally, if were to move indoors once again, we would find out that European people love their board games. D&D, collectible card games, Alias, Monopoly, Uno, Chess, Backgammon and so many more are played by people from all places of the continent.

Regardless of age, social status and other hobbies, it’s very likely that a European will be in some level or another, keen on playing or wholeheartedly involved in board games.