Currently, Blockchain technology influences the world of casino and slot machines like never before. As proof, many casinos have launched into cryptocurrency like FunFair, Edgeless or Moreover, it is possible to consult all the news concerning the evolution of the cryptocurrencies on the site


Cryptocurrencies : a popular solution for casinos

Many gambling establishments are engaging in the use of cryptocurrency. They use it either as a primary payment system or as an alternative to fiat-based systems. This use of cryptocurrencies offers players not only the guarantee of their anonymity but it also does not require any creation of an account or delivery of copies of documents.


Similarly, the reliability of the fees and the almost instantaneous filing deadlines are another advantage of this technology. The Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have mainly contributed to making the online game accessible to players and allow them to circumvent the rules of play that apply only fiat.

The cards are redistributed between the gambling house and the players

Slot machines and casino players know that it is difficult to win against a gambling house. This is what has led to the proliferation of the casino sector: the fact that casinos can make profits. in the long run while the player enjoys a moment of fun and a stroke of luck.


Nevertheless, with Blockchain technology, cryptography and cryptocurrency, gaming platforms are forced to prove their honesty.

A question of decentralization

Although Bitcoin is not the first cryptocurrency that has existed in the world, it was nevertheless the first to have a decentralized structure. This structure confers not only security and democratization of value creation but also immutability. In this model, each individual can become a minor and take advantage of new cryptocurrencies issued.


Blockchain technology has the same functionality as Bitcoin in that everyone can become a full member of the casino. Moreover, some casinos give the possibility to the players to contribute to the financing of their casinos and to benefit from a part of the house. This is the case, for example, with Decent, FunFair and Edgeless platforms.

The benefits of the Decent platform

For the Decent gaming platform, players can buy shares in the house of purchase. Their cryptocurrency is called DBET. The shares can also be traded for DBETs or sold in the stock exchange of the house. The establishment also proposes to finance a quarterly lottery of 5% on all the profits made by the casino.


A randomly selected shareholder will receive this jackpot. Finally, at the end of each quarter, casino profits will be calculated and distributed to shareholders according to the number of their shares. The principles of Becent are based on trust and transparency.

Edgeless and his contract Ethereum Smart

Edgeless is a casino that promotes the transparency of online casinos around the world. That's why the games they offer work with an Ethereum Smart contract. In other words, no player in this casino has a chance to cheat.


The games offered by the platform are based on luck and skill, especially since cryptocurrency transfers on Edgeless are known to be both profitable and instantaneous, both on deposits and withdrawals.

FunFair: Create your own casino

The FunFair game platform offers players to revolutionize online gaming by harnessing the power of Blockchain technology. Since it is complicated and expensive to start an online casino, FunFair wants to gain the trust and attention of the players by using the Blockchain to simplify setup and lower costs. In other words, on FunFair, anyone in the world can run their own casino.


This platform also has the advantages of providing a high level of protection and transparency to the players. FunFair brings together game developers, casino operators and promises an open, entertaining and effective gaming experience. For this, it uses Blockchain Ethereum technology.