The company that owns the casino announced on September 21 the permanent moving out of the Big 'M' to Myrtle Beach, joining its sister ship.

According to the company owner, the Big 'M' Casino boat will not return to Fort Myers Beach, where it used to sail for nearly 18 years. The decision was published on September 21, after it left earlier this year for a summer run in South Dakota.

Instead, it will permanently stay with its sister boat and sail in Little River. The 168-foot yacht features games such as Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and a large variety of slot machines. It also provides a buffet and occasional live music. Bad news for regulars guests who are going to miss the Big 'M'.

The relocation was in fact a strategic decision on the part of the company: to meet high demand in Myrtle Beach. It also created a room for that type of entertainment. The president of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce says it will be interesting to see if another boat comes in to fill he vacancy.

The Big 'M' is currently sailing and entertaining thousands of locals and visitors. However, a trip back to Fort Myers Beach is scheduled for 2015-2016