After 10 years of popularity, the world's leading robot combat tournament has announced the first ever official slot game for BattleBots.

The game will be developed by seasoned casino game experts Konami Gaming and is currently being previewed for the public to play at Caesars Entertainment Studios whilst they record the new season of the hit show and this year's championship tournament.

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Statements and The Battle Bots Slot features

The slot game itself features many of the iconic competitors from the show including the heavyweight bot HyperShock with it’s spinning discs of destruction, The bright green Witch Doctor with it’s interchangeable weapons, the super heavyweight Tombstone and it’s devastating spinning bar and many more.

The BattleBots slot machine will take you on a wild, combat fuelled ride as you swing, slice and smash your way to winning with each spin!

The BattleBots creator Edward Roski made a statement, commenting on how the fans of BattleBots have been watching the show for over 10 years and are now getting to see their favourite competitors on the casino floor in UltraHD graphics.

He proudly exclaimed that fans are going to get to see - and take part in - the most iconic and memorable scenes from the show and finally stated how thrilled he is to be working with Konami, one of the biggest developers in the casino games industry.

Tom Jingoli, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President commented about the fact there’s no other casino slot which brings the same level of competition, curiosity and excitement quite like the BattleBots slot.

He also said the battling is just the bonus part of the game - the true prize is the grand progressive jackpot up for grabs that the players can win.

BattleBots Slot Showcase

The brand new series of BattleBots slot machines will be being put on show during the live filming of Season 6 of the TV show during September 2021.

The public can purchase tickets by simply visiting the BattleBots official website. The exciting new slot will be being presented on the newest gaming software by Konami - the DIMENSION 75C.

The beastly software has a 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), 75 Inch curved display. The new machines will also be released on Konami’s DIMENSION 49J - a machine that has a 49-inch

4k Ultra High Definition display with a J-Curve, with a scheduled release date for some time next year.

More news on the launch and release date will be announced in due time, but from the details we do know the slot game will feature a progressive jackpot and a multiple rounds game which pits some of the most famous bots against each other in fast paced action.

What Is The BattleBots TV Show?

The BattleBots TV show is the most widely watched robotic combat sports programme in the world and is watched in over 150 countries.

The reality television show is a live event, where excited crowds get to watch remote controlled machines and robots battle to the death.

These machines are created by combatants and then operated & battled inside of an arena in a tournament style environment. The show has been aired for 10 seasons and it’s popularity has grown ever since it’s debut in 2000.

Who are Konami Gaming, Inc?

Based in Las Vegas. Konami Gaming, Inc and is a subsidiary of the Konami Holdings Corporation, which deals in a multitude of businesses including video games and arcade machines.

They’re a forerunner in the development and manufacturing of casino management systems and slot machines all over the world.