The sale operation continues for the Barrière Group. A new venue has just been sold to another French casino group. At last, the Vikings Group takes the commands of the casino Les Atlantes Les Sables d’Olonne.

As we announced you in a recent article, the Barrière Group will sell not less than 9 casinos in the future. Wishing to concentrate on its main establishment and aiming to propose a more luxurious offer, the small facilities are sold one by one.

Since 10th of July 2015, tenders have been numerous. Those venues are windfalls for French Groups that are looking to develop their selves such as JOA or Vikings.

The Atlantes Casino Les Sables d’Olonne that possesses 88 slot machines and 3 tables of games was seeking for a new owner.

The Group Vikings has been the most interested. Its bid was accepted by the City Council, the 26th of January, for the pleasure of all the casino’s workers.

This group, created in 1998 by Serge Fourcher and Luc Le Borgne, becomes owner of the venue. The Atlantes is now the tenth casinos of the Group, which realize 2% of the total revenue of French casinos.

The objective is now to revitalize the casino by proposing offers and installations that could attract lost of visitors

The Vikings Group wants to durably position itself in the French casino market, we wish good luck to them!