The Atlantic City has been a powder keg for the last couple of years. The politics, as well as business, are extremely intertwined in this city considering just how much investment has been garnered in the gaming industry.

Businessmen that have poured millions of dollars for finding a comfortable spot in the city are now fighting tooth and nail to keep those same benefits. The reason they are fighting is that the new mayor, Marty Small.

Small was elected prematurely if those words are correct, then the previous mayor, Frank Gilliam was forced to resign, businessmen and politicians were at each others’ throats. Central power was required to quell the situation, which is why Small was chosen.

However, it seems that only one side was happy with small, while the other continues to campaign against him and gather signatures on his removal from office. Most of the supporters of this campaign believe that the city mayor should be replaced by a city manager and a very small committee alongside it.

Almost all of the participants agree that a smaller council is much more effective than a large staff which has problems with bureaucracy.

Spoils to gain from ousting Small

It is very likely that the city manager is going to be chosen from the current campaigners, as well as the small council that will advise him as he watches over the city. Small is convinced that he is being ousted due to racial reasons, which is why he was seen asking the question “Are we living in New Jersey or Alabama?”.

Although race would be far from the truth for the businessmen that support the campaign, the regular citizens could have those kinds of motives.

The fact is clear though. Most of the population wants Small gone. According to the Political Action Committee, the campaigners have already gathered enough signatures to have a referendum held within the next few months.

This referendum will decide Small’s and the gambling industry’s fate in Atlantic City.