Ever since smartphones entered our lives, they have transformed our daily routine. We use them to communicate, check our emails on the way to work, navigate our cities, and even for entertainment. Could they also prove the key to a bright future for the online casino industry?

The appeal of digital casino platforms

Online casinos are popular for a good reason. For most gamblers, being able to play their favorite casino games like blackjack, roulette or craps from the comfort of their couch and whenever they choose is a great bonus over brick and mortar casinos.

Playing online also offers access to immense diversity, as gamblers can easily switch between countless online casinos to find the provider and the games that truly appeal to them. And as news of more providers establishing a digital presence continues to break, it seems that the online casino industry has consolidated its market position.

Yet in order to keep growing, enterprises need to keep moving forward – and the same holds true for online casinos.

The way forward will undoubtedly pass through smartphones and mobile apps. Many online casinos have caught on to this trend and have already employed a dedicated mobile casino app.

According to this JackpotCity Casino Rating, this online casino has over 500 titles from Microgaming on offer including slots, roulette and live casino games, which does not make it one of the largest providers.

Yet it has already caught on with the trend and provides a mobile-friendly web-based version of its website, along with a mobile casino app for download, available both on Android and iPhone. When even smaller online casinos turn to mobile apps, then a trend is definitely on the rise.

Mobile apps tap into the advantages presented by online casinos, such as convenience and diversity, with the added bonus of almost limitless portability – all you really need is a sturdy mobile device and an internet connection, and you are good to go.

By the way, take a look at the CasinosAvenue iOS mobile app that features hundreds of free games.

The mobile app market is rising

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the online casino industry is turning to mobile apps, as what has been dubbed as the mobile takeover shows no signs of decline. In June 2019, 63% of Americans spent time on smartphone apps, a figure that topped all digital media platforms and saw an increase from 50% in June 2017. Desktop came second at 23% in June 2019, but saw a declined since June 2017, when it reached 34%, with smartphone web completing the top 3 at 7%.


Source: Statista

The mobile app market seems to be on its path to dominate consumer digital media, as Garner estimates that its value will rise to $311.25 billion across the globe by 2023, demonstrating a 19.2% annual growth rate.

The market segment dedicated to entertainment, music, and gaming is projected to grow even faster, at a 29.5% growth rate. The gaming market especially stands to gain from integrating cutting-edge tech like augmented reality and virtual reality, which could also prove a game-changer for online casino games, as well.

Playing your favorite casino games on your handheld device on the go – it certainly looks like a bright future for the online casino industry.