Usually, making a time-lapse video takes a lot of time, but “One night in Vegas” took only one night. Three photographers, Aaron Keigher, Michael Bloom and Arlene Ziordia, decided on a whim to drive until Las Vegas and film everything.

They left from Los Angeles and crossed two states and the Mojave Desert and finally arrived in the iconic Las Vegas Strip. They captured the real essence of the city filming the traffic, the buildings, Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Bellagio fountains, flashing signs, neon lights and the colorful individuals.

They chose Vegas because the city never sleeps and people only start to go to bed when the sun rose. They were sure to have something to shoot at any time of the night.

"It was an awesome and incredibly exhausting night that was filled with amazing memories and great friends", said Aaron Keigher in its website.

They already think to do the same in other cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami. And we can’t wait to see the outcome.