The world of online gambling has opened up a whole host of new options for players. Ensuring that gaming is no longer limited to the rare occasions when it’s possible to visit land-based casinos, it has made the industry more accessible than ever before.

With a growing number of players comes a similar increase in providers, and with a new and expanding market to tap into, slot game creators are constantly developing novel titles – ones that are always vying for the position of best and most popular.

This means it can be difficult to choose between the infinite array of slots that are out there, especially for those on a limited budget who don’t have the luxury of trying them all. That’s why we created this article. Helping you to track down the ultimate titles, it will allow you to make the most of the time you spend gaming.

Make use of affiliate sites

With so many slots out there, it’s impossible for any one individual to assess them all, but luckily, there are sites that have been created with this specific purpose in mind. Websites like exist solely to take the legwork out of the decision-making process.

Listing options from highest ranked to lowest, they also detail useful information such as payout percentages and welcome offers so you can make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Check the website is legitimate before you play

One boon of using affiliate sites is that they only list online casinos that they know are reputable. However, if you’ve found a slot you like the look of elsewhere, there are other ways to check that the site they’re hosted on is legitimate. is one resource.

Containing unbiased views from consumers, it’s a great tool for seeing what ordinary players have to say about the site and should immediately alert you to anything fishy that might be going on. If nothing flags up, the likelihood is that the website is safe to use, but do remember to check that it’s properly licensed and regulated to err on the side of caution. Another way to check a site's reputation is to use which helps detect the safety of a site.

Look at the payout percentage


While affiliate sites are useful for identifying popular slot games, every individual will have their own opinion on a title. That being said, there's one aspect of gaming that’s not subjective, and that’s the payout percentage. The higher this is, the greater the likelihood that you'll score a win. Slots from, for example, offer an average payout of 97.19 percent - one of the highest figures on the market - so be sure to take this information into account.

Choose a slot you like the look of

Last but not least, remember that the degree of enjoyment you will get from any individual slot is largely down to personal preference. This means that providers who offer a lot of choice should be sought, as they’re more likely to have a title you’ll love. You can usually get a sense of this by clicking on the slot you’re interested in, to allow you to evaluate its aesthetic, storyline, and how much or little it appeals to you.

When it comes to finding the best slots online, there’s much to be said for doing your research, but do remember that personal preference also has a big part to play. Do your homework, browse a variety of providers, and you’re sure to stumble across something you love.