Six high-stakes Asian players won a huge amount of money at the Casino & Star Hotel Sydney. That is the least we could say knowing that they won not less than…$80 millions!

It is an amount that could be a dream for everybody. The scene took place in Sydney, Australia, in the huge The Star Casino. Six VIP players, well known in the venue, played at Baccarat game and won $80 millions.

Casino’s managers talked about a freakish luck, almost unreal. The majority of time the casino leaves winner after the bet of players but sometimes you have to agree to be defeated. That’s the game!

Despite the $22 billions of bets recorded at the casino the last six months, it is a bad news for the Australian venue.

Indeed, it is not usual to lose so much in such small time. For now on, the managers hope for one thing: that the happy winners come back to play to balance scales!

In spite of all this, the casino has announced a first-half normalized net profit at $142 millions as an increase of 22%, as the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

See? Win big could happen!

We got to say that they did not hesitate to bet $500,000 by hand sometimes…

Good luck anyway!