As every new year begins, we see a transformation of sorts regarding the online gambling industry. New technology and innovative concepts lead the way as online casinos find quality ways to provide a safe, fun, and exciting online gambling experience.

For 2020, changes were already occurring before the pandemic hit, and in the last weeks, we have seen the quick development and growth of trends to bring online casino and slot gaming to the next level.

Below are just a few examples of everything new and improved you can find as you visit online casino sites.

Focus on Skills

Traditionally, slot games do not require skill to play. However, that is quickly changing. Developers are working on new content options that take playing online slots for real money to the next level.

Adding an element of skill is imperative to reach out to the younger demographics. Early 20 to 30 somethings grew up playing video games and do not find appeal with traditional slot games.

Because of this, developers are creating titles in RPG format and adding other elements that are video game-like and require skill to complete.

Variety in Bonus Offers

For online casinos today to be successful, traffic must be continual. Sites need regular players to build their brand and to do so, operators are leaning towards offering a variety of bonus promotions.

In the past, players had Welcome Bonuses as new members, then reload offers from time to time. Now, sites are providing welcome offers, free spins, free chips, reload offers, and special promotions based on the day, among other options.

Players are finding more variety in 2020 when it comes to promotions, which helps in trying new games or building a solid bankroll.

Alternative Payment Options

Gone are the days when you only had a bank wire payment or credit card option when it comes to banking methods at online casinos. Today’s online gaming operators are offering alternative payment options like cryptocurrency to streamline deposits and withdrawals.

Many sites are now offering a plethora of payment methods via crypto including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and more.

Smartwatch Betting

Regarding technology changes, individuals around the world are purchasing smartwatches to streamline activity.

Smartwatches have many capabilities including checking email, texting, and even betting. Online casinos are starting to become more tech-savvy, set to offer wagering via smartwatches.

Technology continues to evolve to make this option a reality. Companies like Microgaming have been successful in creating content that is compatible with smartwatch betting.

VR Tech

As technology continues to evolve, we find that virtual reality (VR) is a trending topic. In online gaming, VR is being considered a way to create an entirely new gaming experience.

Technology companies are developing new ways to integrate VR into casino games and the segment continues to grow at a rapid pace.

While VR is a trend in the gaming industry that is taking a little longer to take hold, it is getting there.

Top software developers are considering VR but are delayed in offering it because of the high-value equipment required for gaming. Despite this, companies like Sony and YouTube are investing and promoting VR which has led to lower prices for headsets which could help the online gaming industry to expand into this realm in the near future.

Overall, 2020 has already been a good year for online casino gaming around the world. The coming months should reveal even more new trends or perhaps new technology that will only enhance the iGaming industry further.