The Powerball lottery reached an amount never seen yet. Not less than $1,4b dollars have to be win this Wednesday 13th January, at 11pm ET! No players found the right combination (5 numbers + Powerball number) last Saturday, at an amount of $900 millions. As a progressive lottery, $500 millions dollars have been added, just because…

Since the 7th of November 2015, the Powerball grand prize has not been win. Thus, participants are more and more numerous to try to reach the impossible and increasing the lottery amount.

It is worth knowing that the odds of matching all the numbers is 1 in 292,2 million…According to CNBC, a player would be 25 time more likely to become the next President of the United States that win the Jackpot. Since October 2015, it is harder to find all numbers because the total of them went from 59 to 69.

CNN confirmed this fact in an article that the most optimistic of us should not read. But after all, if nobody plays, nobody wins…

Powerball tickets are sold in 44 states, Washington D.C, Porto Rico and the Virgin Island. A woman in Florida has won the last lottery record for $590,5 million dollars.

It won’t be difficult to find people, even some you know, who tried to win this lottery. Indeed, great news for the US non-residents, as you and me, you have the possibility to play as well, on the Internet! Lottosend and TheLotter are both websites that allow you to choose your own ticket numbers and can send you the ticket if you want to.

Come on, let's hope!